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Naman Mahajan.

Professional Multimedia Artist

I am a Multimedia artist, I am born and based on Dewas (M.P), I am working as a freelancer with various brands and different country.

My expertise are Graphics designing, motion graphics, 2d/3d animation, advertising videos, cartoons designing, all types of packaging and branding designing, digital marketing, SEO, design website and app Developments etc...


Graphics designing

All types of designing are available with all raw files of printable and web formats.


I am available for web/app designing and developments with all API and any platforms.

2d/3d animation

Animated videos are available for adverting or branding for personal and professional.


Digital and physical marketing available with all platform and social media.

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how to get hindi keyboard in laptop | android | whatsapp | Iphone | samsung | windows 10

how to get Hindi keyboard in laptop | android | whatsapp | Iphone | samsung | windows 10

The writing in Hindi is very difficulty to new comers, because the Hindi language have many Matras in more things which are not present in the English keyboard. 

how to get hindi keyboard in laptop

How to get hindi typeing keyboard in laptop this is a very common question for all, Now we will discuss the facts of Hindi keyboard and the shortcut way to use the Hindi keyboard for all that quite easy and use to every one. 

First of all we think that for typing the Hindi is very difficult but that's not true, the simplest way for Hindi typing we will see that now and you will get easy tips to write the Hindi language. 

Lets start there are many options to type in Hindi from English language, the best method is I used is google tools which provides a good typing of Hindi if you don't knows the Hindi typing. 

The google input tool provides just type in English it convert in any languages which you want from any country. 

how to get hindi keyboard in laptop

The google input supports many languages and it easily convert the words in that particular languages, at last not only the work it also suggest the proper grammar of that languages.

The user get help in various condition for multiple to type and it its easy to copy and paste any where did you want that text specially you can paste in word that is quite easy for the Hindi typing problems occurs. 

The google is more supportive and always stands for it users that is the best qualty for the google and its help us to create and good content also and available to google search also that is the best platform for all the users. 

So i specially suggest to use the google input tool as much in any languages that help all of us for create  or dreams files just like Hindi typeing, the Hindi typing this method helps me a lot and very easily use this tool for Hindi typing. 

how to get Hindi keyboard in android

This is very simple to hindi keyboard in mobiles or android you have to just get the keyboard from the play store just search on the play store google hindi keyboard and when you type the message it show the hindi words to type easly with grammer corrections 

how to get Hindi keyboard in android

Hope you like 

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Many of the BFA and the sketching people have a question that the easiest way to sketch the face, in the male body there is main thing how you cover the face, because a face define all the things of the character, how the character talk , expression and many more things we will discuss all the things steps by step first we will start with face, if you like then share me comments on what you want the next to sketch. 

Lets start to create front face of character :- 

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 1 :- Lets create a circle for face.

Draw a proper circle according to size of face you want, then draw a horizontal line intersecting the circle proper it for Chin of face, next we will draw jawline, sketch a vertical intersection line as above we have done at the center of the face and be sure both side face distance is same not more or less, we want exact same.

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 2 :- Draw a guide for face measurement 

There we have always a alternative to draw a face with guide or with guide, i always recommend to draw a guide for drawing. because it give a proper measurement,  

When your are doing a starting to draw face you should use guide. because doing this step without it can through and create a proper proportions face, Especially for the center point of eye and ears, for the slip of center we need to do this. 

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 3 :- Next step is my favorite, draw eye on both the side in the center line, this is more aggressive if you show a big eye and it polite when you give a small eye.

The eye show the expression and mood of the character so more focused on the EYE when sketch.

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 4 :- Next is to draw a proportionate nose, Draw the 2 lines where the inner corner end up of the eye are located, the guide tell the nose width, now that we have box, lets start to Nose.

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 5 :- Sketch the Eyebrows as thick or some wired look you want 

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 6 :- This is a interesting thing use the tringle to draw the lips.

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 7 :- Add the ears at the side of face according to above image and proportion.

How to draw a pencil sketch of human?

Step 8 :- Draw the hair according to image or other you want so attractive or funky look as you create. 

Here we have discussed as much steps to create a basic shape of face.  

Can I use glossy photo paper to print photos in Epson l3110 colour all in one printer?

Can I use glossy photo paper to print photos in Epson l3110 color all in one printer?

Can I use glossy photo paper to print photos in Epson l3110 colour all in one printer?

There are many Color printers in the market which gives color print but does not support for the glossy paper, but in this Epson L3110 can have this configuration and support to print the glossy paper.

There are many printer with support the color and also support the glossy sheet, there is major problem comes with the glossy, the glossy is hard than normal papper so it not support other printer. 

Arts students can take BSC in interior design ?

Arts students can take BSC in interior design ?

Arts students can take BSC in interior design ?

There are many streams in the world and some have sub-streams also that is very confusion to all the student who are in that or other stream, all students have a desire to get success and that a particular streams and that a big turn for them, because already they have spend many year to learning some things and after some time they can't get as much they need so they want to change there stream and goes for another one. 

not only the arts student have the desire to change the stream all the streams student needed to change because after a time when they not received a good job or carrier in a particular stream they thought to change the study or join another stream.

Arts students can take BSC in interior design ? :- yes you can do interior design or any things which you want to do, but first please check this points before changing your streams.

ask this 3 question self before taking any action.

1) did you think you really have the interest on this, and you can do and learn the interior design. 
2) are you are not satisfied with current study or not seen the careers in your own stream
3) are you ready to invest a couple of years in interior design.

The age is matter in interior design ?

Does You think any age matter for learning, if you are above the 60+ then also you can learn any thing, that the age does not matter, but the one thing matter that how big your desire, is are you ready to stand and work day and night, for becoming a professional in any artistic filed you have to be more practicing daily. 

In a single day no one become a artist or skill full person its need more practice and efforts to do this job and learn new things, so start learning because there is no particular age of learning.


Zoom Video Conferencing, meeting conferencing, webinars, and online classes with one App Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing, meeting conferencing, webinars, and online classes with one App Zoom

Zoom Video Conferencing, meeting conferencing, webinars, and online classes with one App Zoom

Now a days there are in trend of online classes and video conferencing, online webinars and meetings conferencing. Here we will discuss about a popular App for using all this things easily.

Zoom App Founded by eric yuan, zoom video is American video Communication, Inc. is an American communication technology company which based headquarter in san Jose, California.

The zoom main purpose is to do video conferencing, meeting conferencing, webinars, online classes and more things which is related to video conferencing at home or offices.

Now in this Covid situation the useful of zoom is very much and it is helpful to all to get classes and more at home with social distancing.

Zoom app is easy to use and you can download the zoom app on play store just search the zoom download, it is easy to zoom login in simple steps.

Zoom account is safe to use and also available to the zoom for mac and windows.

About Zoom video Communication Inc.

Zoom provide us to video telephony, and online chat services through a cloud based peer to peer software platform, and is used for teleconferencing, telecommunication, distance education and social relation.

Zoom business strategy focuses on providing an easier to use product than competitors, as well as cost saving, which includes minimum, computational cost at the infrastructure level and having a high degree of employee efficiency.

In year 2020, zoom software usage saw a significant global increasing following, the introduction of quarantine measures response to the covid-19 pandemic situations.

Collaboration software

In july 2013, zoom has partnership with B2B Collaboration software providers, such as Redbooth, and also create program name Zoom.

When established partnership with Logitech, Vaddio, and infocus. In September the company raised $6.5million in a series B round from horizon ventures.

On April 18, 2019, The company become the public company via an initial public offering. After pricing at US$36 per share, the share price increase over 72% on the first day of trading.

The company was valued at US$16 billion at the end of the first day trading.

After gaining 635% in 2020, zoom become the most well-known video conferencing app used in the Covid-19 situation, in October $140 billion, valuing the company more than 130 year old Exxonmobil, however in November, after announcing  the efficiency  of the covid-19 vaccine, zoom stock price dropped more than 15%.


In this article we have discussed about the zoom App that how it works and what is use and the company value of the Zoom App. Hope you like this article any suggesting regarding any things you can share comments, for more this type of article please connected with us.

PUBG Mobile India APK download link for Android is launched on official website of PUBG

PUBG Mobile India APK download link for Android is launched on official website of PUBG

The PUBG mobile is officially coming back to Indian for both android and IOS users. it have many new features according to Indian government. the mobile game is set to arrive in the Indian shores in a new avatar called PUNG mobile India. the New version of the app will be for the Indian audience and will also offer advanced security system.

The PUBG mobile users are awaited very much since this months for a great start for PUBG, because the PUBG game is the true love of the hard core gamers, while the users are exiting for the app to arrive on the play store, the company accidently posted ine apk download link on their official website, The APK Download option surely left many excited but it was not working when the users tried clicking on it.

That feels bad the Indian users that link not working, but i think the site is under construction the GAME will available soon as possible, the amount of exigent will be the high for PUBG mobile Indian among the fans. This has also show that the company is all set to officially launch PUNG mobile India and within the coming days, it will available to play. 

The link will be available soon in a short while and the website will launch the PUBG mobile India, at now there is “Dear Fans, To comply with the interim order of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology dated September 2, 2020, Tencent Games will terminate all service and access for users in India to PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Live and PUBG MOBILE Lite (together, “PUBG Mobile”) on October 30, 2020. The rights to publish PUBG MOBILE in India will be returned to the owner of the PUBG intellectual property.”

PUBG Mobile India Comeback : Registrations on Tap Tap starts again, should you register?

 PUBG Mobile India Comeback : Registrations on Tap Tap starts again, should you register?

PUBG Mobile India Comeback : Registrations on Tap Tap starts again, should you register?

PUBG mobile Indian has coming back with new features in Indian, and this will launches soon in the play store and the official website, this is the big question for all the Indian gamers that when will the PUBG launches. 

so there will be good news coming in the India that the pre-registration has will be started SOON, after vanishing from the scene of a sudden, PUNG mobile Indian registration page on Tap tap is once again back, last time more than 300,000 PUNG player pre-registered but all of the sudden page vanished-ranking raising huge question mark on its authenticity. 
The same pre-registrations process page back one back, according to update, Indian pre-registrations for the Indian version are now live on the tap tap app.

There is big question now should PUBG players fall for this pre-registration page available soon? 

Answer to this question is very simple, the corporation is yet official announce anything on the registration. Tnsidesport's view is that the platters should wait for the official announcement's by the company before registering or exposing themselves on any pre-registration call. 

according to some reports, the APK version of the game was also released on Friday ion the official website of the company for a couple of hours. The Apk version was available for download but the gamers faced difficulties' in download it again the same issue-the corporation is is yet announce any development in this regard. 
PUNG is a great developments and realist graphics used with real picture : the game is closer to comeback in the Indian server where the Indian users can play its PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Indian private limited registers as an Indian company, The Indian version much anticipated return has kept fans on the edge, earlier this moth the company had put out coming soon posts and also a teaser on the trailer.

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